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Strategic Marketing

Print Media is a broad brush approach with no real measure of effectivity available. What this means is you pay for an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine and you have no control over who is viewing it and what they think of the Ad.

At Cloud Real Estate we only use newspaper and magazines for cleaning windows. While we do use many of the traditional Real Estate websites like and we view this as only a small part of the picture when it comes to the promotion of unique property.

What if we told you we could send out an advertisement for a horse property only to people interested in horses, people who are over 18 and people who are likely to have the financial capacity to make a purchase? What if we told you we could analyse the results of the campaign and determine who finds the property most appealing? Men or Women? Particular Age Bracket?

What if we could target areas and bring your property to the attention of those people who are not actively searching? Dormant buyers with capacity who have decided to temporarily stop looking.

Or Target specifically to our massive database of buyers with specific criteria who are looking for their perfect property.

And how about the prospect of the people you target then doing your property promotion for free. Sharing with someone they know who may be interested, in an instant, with credibility in their commentary that a real estate agent can never achieve.

What if we told you we could capture the essence of your property in a 3D Drone overlay on a 3D Map. Showing all the horse infrastructure or beautiful creeks and privacy or even swimming pools, tennis courts and gardens? What about being able to enter the Home and Infrastructure and view it in 3D or through a VR headset?

Knowing all this would you still pay for two dimensional photos to appear in magazines?

If your would like to find out more call Annette Anderson from Cloud Real Estate 0409 731 933

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