Residential, Vacant Land And Rural Property


Buyers for rural and niche property are rarely geographically constrained. Their criteria lies more around the features of the property rather than the location and they are often in remote locations. It does not make sense to list this type of property with local agents who employ a local selling model.

Buyers in this market also tend to be sophisticated purchasers, short on time, short on patience but rarely short on money.

Extensive analysis of the market has led Cloud Real Estate to develop and deploy systems designed for niche selling to remote sophisticated purchasers.

Our systems are automated to answer enquiry 24/7, supplying buyers with all the tools needed to make decisions remotely:

As a result we have a growing number of sales made "Sight Unseen" subject to physical inspection.

Feedback and follow up are frustrations regularly reported by both buyers and sellers. At Cloud Real Estate our systems automatically follow up buyers and send out appointment reminders.

Price degradation is a major issue with niche properties where you are selling to niche markets. Nothing degrades a properties price more than time on market.

At Cloud Real Estate we have a database of over 4000 buyers and growing all with particular wants and needs. Our systems do automated matching and email alerts to buyers as new listings hit the databases that match their criteria.

This allows us to put together off market transactions quickly or effectively test the market for a particular property.

Comparative Market Analysis, which is normally geographical, rarely applies to truly unique property - by the simple fact - there are no comparables. Agents who produce appraisals on these types of property are illogical and silly. The value of this type of property is a combination of what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to sell for. It is therefore imperative you attract as many needs aligned buyers as possible. We use strategic marketing aimed at niche property to achieve this result.


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